We have an exciting offer for you – an analysis of a specific health area by our specialists for the Health and Satisfaction Plan. You will receive information about which procedures would be suitable for you and what would need to be solved step by step, and in what time frame so that you can plan the strategies from a time and financial point of view.

We would be delighted if you are interested in our analysis offer, and we will be happy to prepare a Health and Satisfaction Plan for you. We like our work very much and value the favor of our clients. We want to take a comprehensive approach to your potential for health and satisfaction. That is why we are happy to hear your ideas and needs, which our experts will consider. Each health area has its specifics. We will attend to you accordingly.

We know you only need to know some options for solving your situation. That is why we have decided to prepare a proposal tailored to every client according to the documentation (health documentation, X-ray, photos of the area, etc.) so that you have the opportunity to understand and learn what situation they are in and what solutions the expert proposes for improvement in the affected locations.

The Health and Well-Being Plan will help clients familiarize themselves with treatments and consider them on their way to their health and well-being potential.

We believe that only by combining the client’s desires and ideas and specialists’ opinions is it possible to design a Health and Satisfaction Plan, according to which the client can orient himself and decide or schedule treatments for a certain period according to his possibilities.

Contact us by email or phone; we will be happy to provide you with more information and advise you on suitable solutions at favorable prices.

If you are interested, please write to the email address info@aladiva.sk or call the number 00421 905 928 302. Thank you!