Who we are

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

on behalf of our company, we welcome you to the world of health, beauty, and travel experience we create for you from the heart.
We are a Slovak-Turkish family company operating in Slovakia since 2016.

We are bringing the ALADIVA Beauty Health Travel project to Slovakia as a unique novelty. In Slovakia and Turkey, we have top doctors in our family who are a valuable background for us. In addition, our company cooperates with some of the best private hospitals and clinics.
For our clients from Slovakia and abroad, we offer guaranteed services of medical procedures in health and beauty and health care, which are less affordable in Slovakia, or it is more difficult to undergo procedures in an adequate time frame due to the overload of the health system.

We offer our clients our services in Turkey, which we know very well, and we have built personal working partnerships in our area of operation.

Healthcare in Turkey is at a high level. In addition to hospitals, it also has several modernly equipped smaller clinics specializing in various areas of health and beauty. Clients from many countries worldwide have been using the health and beauty travel system for years, but in Slovakia, we have yet to learn and practice this system. That’s why we are honored to bring new services to people, thanks to which their health needs and beauty dreams can become accessible.

Turkey is a beautiful seaside country with many possibilities, rich history and culture, thermal baths, and fantastic gastronomy.

We are here for you. We will gladly and carefully listen to you, and our medical experts will propose solutions for you. We will also handle everything related to your trip to the doctor in Turkey.

As we strive to be exceptional in everything we do besides health and beauty services, we can offer you an exciting revitalization of your stay in Turkey. In addition to the procedures, we want you to take away experiences – relaxation, entertainment, shopping, sports, or discovering local history and culture.


Let us take care of your health at top private clinics
and hospitals in Turkey and offer you high-quality services,
in a beautiful environment with nice staff and at favorable prices.


Do you have your desired idea of how you would like to look and what you would like to change about your appearance? We will be happy to help you thanks to a wide range of procedures in Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery, and Hair Transplantation.


When we say Turkey, we may first imagine the ancient and mysterious Istanbul, once the center of the Ottoman Empire – where history meets modernity, the Orient with a European touch, where the ringing Turkish sounds, the smell of the sea, spices and amazing Turkish cuisine, the singing of seagulls, muezzins or chat with energetic vendors at local markets. We will be happy to show you all that.

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