Aesthetic Medicine can fulfill people’s ideas and  visions about  their appearance.  Nowadays , it is already at such a technological level that it can work miracles. However, cosmetic surgery should never change an individual’s unique features. Instead, it should enhance the patient’s natural beauty.

People sometimes confuse it with  plastic surgery. However, it is a separate field of Medicine that applies less invasive procedures than Plastic Surgery.  Aesthetic Medicine aims to approach the ideal appearance of a person, to correct the signs of aging  to a youthful appearance, to correct unwanted features of the face and body: the shape, proportion , and  size of the ears, nose, lips, chin, cheeks, or body parts. The ideal situation is when aesthetic Medicine intervenes, always respects a person’s health, preserves his natural appearance, helps to complete his natural beauty  with gentle  interventions,  and approaches him with the feeling, perception of his personality, and  needs  about  his specific situation.