What is female genitalia beautification?

Aesthetic surgery of the vagina includes surgical operations performed to eliminate changes occurring in the female genital organs from birth or over the years. We know that any problem with the vagina causes psychological or social problems in women and affects the sex life of couples. Therefore, vaginal aesthetic operations that help eliminate all these problems must be performed with the utmost care and confidentiality.

The technique of “genital beautification” is a method that emphasizes that the vagina deserves to remain aesthetically pleasing like other parts of the body. Vaginal aesthetic operations are surgical interventions aimed at loosening vaginal tissue due to age and childbirth and improving sexual pleasure.

The genital beautification method provides a more comfortable operation process. We observe that this method enables a shorter recovery time, does not leave postoperative scars and ensures the return of patients to everyday life after surgery.

The vagina also deserves to be rejuvenated and keep its shape, just like the face. Therefore, this method is also called genital beautification. The reasons for the increased demands of women for vaginal aesthetics are personal and feminine instincts.

An aesthetic vagina, which significantly affects women’s self-confidence, leads to a healthy and satisfying sex life with partners and helps eliminate potential problems in the given area. The aesthetics of the vagina must be addressed as a whole. Only total applications can provide successful results and desired vagina.

Beautification of the vagina and potential problems of the area

Loosening and enlargement of vaginal tissue, pelvic floor and pelvic muscles, especially after childbirth, are among the most important problems of women. This also leads to unsatisfying sex life of couples. In addition, urinary incontinence is also observed. Another possible problem is a darker vagina and a dull clitoris and G-spot – the place of female pleasure.

How is vaginal beautification performed

It is necessary to find out what the problems are in this area and propose targeted solutions. The Genital Beautification method is performed under general anesthesia. When beautifying intimate parts, the following methods can be used, for example:

  • Spider Web Aesthetic
  • Fat transfer
  • Laser
  • radio frequency
  • if necessary, also surgical interventions.