The “G-spot” is an area inside the vagina where women are stimulated from a place other than the clitoris. We know that women have two different pleasure centers. The first is the clitoris located directly above the entrance to the urethra and the second is the G-spot, which is an approximately 3 cm wide area 5-6 cm inside the vaginal entrance.

The reason this area is called the G-spot is because it was first scientifically published as an “erogenous area” in 1950 by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg. Later, Alice Kahn Ladas in her book in 1982 dealt with this area, which was discovered by Dr. Granfenberg, and marked it with the first letter of the surname G, and the area became known as Point G.

The G-spot is structurally somewhat rough and swells when stimulated during intercourse, increasing sexual pleasure. Inflating this erogenous zone increases the effectiveness of friction, facilitates orgasm and significantly increases pleasure. With the G-spot ready for stimulation, more intense intercourse is inevitable.