PB serum caused a revolution in aesthetic medicine in 2019. This serum is the result of many years of biotechnological research in Spain.

It is a breakthrough preparation that can solve problems with wrinkles, pigment spots, and acne and remove fat and cellulite. The most significant benefit is the natural composition, which competes with preparations with a chemical composition.

This serum is also called intelligent and is based on living enzymes. It contains unique bioactive enzymes of non-animal origin. The serum has the following enzymes: collagenase, hyaluronidase, and lipase. These substances work specifically. They affect only a particular substrate for which they are intended. They are not only used in dermatology but also effectively remove fats.

Enzymes are combined according to the type of problem. Each has specific effectiveness or a combination thereof.

PB serum is an enzymatic blend containing a fixed amount of hyaluronic acid and varying amounts of collagenase, lipase, and lyase enzymes. It is offered in 3 different forms, low, medium, and high.

The function of hyaluronic acid is to activate the enzymes in the mixture, initiate a biochemical process, and treat the tissue instead of filling the area.

The functions of collagenase, lipase, and lyase enzyme content are as follows:

Collagenase makes generating and increasing good collagen possible while removing lousy collagen.

Lipase is used to dissolve fat in areas with excess adipose tissue.

Lyase reduces fluid retention, improves tissue permeability and proteoglycan in extracellular matrices, and removes edema.

These forms contain different percentages of enzymes. Therefore, additional preparation is applied to each problem.

Areas of use in general

  • Helps the skin to become younger and firmer
  • Shaping the face, dissolving the double chin and fat on the face
  • Bags under the eyes (for patients who received an injection of fat under the eyes, could not get rid of the bags, have fibro lipoma formations in this sensitive area
  • Reduction of regional fat accumulation
  • Treatment of burns, any scars, including surgical scars

3 Forms and their areas of use

Serum with low PB

Instead, it melts minimized fat pads under the eyes to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. Therefore, it is generally preferred for tightening and rejuvenating the skin.

Serum with medium PB

It is used more for tissues with excessive fat accumulation. It can also be used for fat accumulation on the face and under the chin and to reduce fat in tissues with relatively less fat accumulation in the abdomen, arms, and any part of the body, as well as for rejuvenation, tightening, and skin tightening.

Serum with high PB

This form has a higher content of collagenase. It can be used for surgical scars, stretch marks, worn tissues, sagging, and deeper wrinkles; more precisely, wherever the collagen in the body is weakened, worn out, or damaged. Its primary function is to break down the worn or damaged collagen structure and allow new collagen formation. It heals the tissue. Therefore, it can be used in any tissue with “broken” collagen. It is more effective for cellulite and scar tissue. The number of sessions may increase depending on the problem.

These enzymatic preparations are safe, have no side effects, and do not damage tissues. All forms can be used with satisfaction.