The Belkyra method is a unique treatment that non-invasively (non-surgically) removes unsightly fat or skin chin), lifts the skin in a lifting way, and reduces excess skin. The appearance of a double chin or chin is a genetic predisposition or hormonal change.

Those with excess fat under the chin often feel discouraged because even weight loss and exercise will not remove this unwanted part of the face.

Belkyra is a microinjection treatment specially designed to dissolve fat in the area under the chin. Injections of Belkyra directly into the submental area help break down and absorb fat cells. By removing fat, this technology (used in the United States since 2015 under the name Kybella®) defines and contours the chin and jawline to improve the patient’s profile.

Fat cells consist of a shell and its contents (fat). Several other types of treatments will reduce the size of the bags or empty them of body fat but without lasting effect. Belkyra is an injectable solution composed of deoxycholic acid, a molecule naturally secreted by the body. Belkyra destroys fat, which significantly reduces body fat permanently. Depending on each patient’s goals, 2 to 6 treatments are recommended. The effects of Belkyra become visible after a short time and refine the lower part of the face.

Progress plan

The doctor will mark the injection template according to his observation. Then, before each treatment, he will assess the patient’s submental area to ensure adequate fat under the chin.

Belkyra is injected using thin needles into the subcutaneous fat layer of the chin. This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes with no recovery required. It is a solution of deoxycholic acid, which is a natural part of the body and reduces the amount of submental fat. In addition, the solution works at the injection site by permanently destroying fat, which the body breaks down naturally.

The result of the treatment: The chin is reduced to disappear, and this condition is permanent.

For whom the procedure is suitable: for people with a so-called double chin, chin which reduce the beauty of the face both from the front and in profile.

Side effects: swelling in the treated area that disappears within 4-14 days, redness in the treated area, or a feeling of warmth.