The chin is a distinctive feature of every face. Nature has given each person a different chin shape – wide, angular, narrow, short, protruding, drawn in and indistinct, limited, divided by a depression. At the same time, the chin is one element in the context of the whole face, and depending on the shape, it has a harmonious or distracting effect. Its form can be corrected non-surgically with aesthetic medicine treatments. Beard modeling is also such a treatment. The principle is to restore the balance and symmetry of the chin and its overhangs.

The course of treatment: the doctor and the client will discuss ideas and options, which is an essential prerequisite for a successful procedure. A good and experienced specialist focuses on more than just the difficult part itself but evaluates it in the context of the whole face so that it harmonizes with it as best as possible with its new shape and size. Subsequently, the doctor injects a cannula and a filler material – hyaluronic acid- which forms and models the chin to the desired state. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

The result of the treatment: the result is visible immediately and lasts for three years.

For whom the treatment is suitable: for clients who wish to correct asymmetries of the shape, remove an overhang of the chin, adjust its size and shape

After the injection, a slight swelling or minor bruises may occur, which will disappear within a few days.