A chin is an unsightly element under the chin, the face looks older, unkempt and massive. The profile is not aesthetic and the neck line is lost under the chin.

UTIMS is a rejuvenating non-invasive device treatment that sends precisely targeted pulses of heat to the deep skin level using an ultrasound head. The skin reacts to these pulses of supplied energy by creating new collagen, which causes the skin to close and tighten.

Course of treatment: an ultrasound head is attached to the treated area of the skin, which projects a detailed image of the skin on the screen and can target the necessary part of the face.
Based on the evaluation, the head sends precise pulses of heat to the deep level of the skin, thus ensuring the most effective effect. The top layer of the skin remains intact.

The result of the treatment: the skin reacts to the supplied energy by creating new collagen, gradually turning off and firming up. The result is permanent.

For whom the treatment is intended: for all those who do not want to solve their problem surgically but are looking for non-invasive methods aimed at improving the signs of aging.

During the treatment, an unpleasant sensation may be felt during the application of heat. This confirms that the formation of new collagen is taking place.

The treatment can be completed any time during the year, and it is enough to repeat it every 3 to 5 years.