Face contouring MD codes is an innovative Brazilian doctor Mauricio de Maio method. Referred to as MD codes, this innovative approach considers the whole face and how the client perceives their face and what they want it to say to the world. It is a technique that is aimed at the simple treatment of wrinkles/lines and holistic facial care. MD Codes is based on a deep understanding of facial anatomy to deliver consistently natural-looking results.

What are MD codes?

MD codes are a series of designations of the places intended to be treated with a cosmetic injector. A combination of letters and numbers represents each specific injection site. They focus on areas that the patient wishes to rebuild due to the possible loss of volume that unfortunately comes with aging or would like to enhance the site: fuller lips, improved facial contouring, a more prominent jawline or chin, adding volume and even the asymmetry factor. Not every patient may need to treat all MD code areas, and they should continually be assessed and tailored to each individual. However, MD codes facilitate identifying and describing places that should be improved.

The highest quality fillers rejuvenate and complement the shape, especially in the chin, cheeks, sled, and temples. These areas are crucial in the overall perception of the face.

The natural features of the face and its structure play an essential role in the aging process. For example, narrow faces and skin thinner with little fat on the lids appear more sunken in the cheeks, pulled in, and lifeless. This problem can be solved with fillers, which give a healthy-looking volume. Even the facial skin itself can stretch and sag faster. Fillers also solve this problem, preventing nasolabial folds, marionette wrinkles, circles under the eyes, and the middle part of the face from falling through the mouth. Then the so-called system bags on sleds – skin overhangs.

The area around the eyes is also affected by age, circles appear, or cheeks with a higher fat content pull the skin under the eyes down. With injectable fillers, it is possible to supplement the volume loss in this area and apply the filler under the eye muscle with a blunt cannula, preventing swelling as in the case of using a needle.

The use of MD codes enables precise and safe targeting that helps achieve the desired results with consistent and reproducible results. MD codes are also a fantastic way for patients to understand their treatment. It allows the doctor to work in partnership to discuss the appropriate codes for their treatment plan and the patient to understand better why to inject in a particular area, how much product will be needed to achieve the desired result, and possible outcomes. Codes enable developing, understanding, and achieving a long-term treatment plan.

Mauricio de Mario is a globally recognized Brazilian plastic surgeon actively involved in international research and teaching of aesthetic medicine. He is known for developing the concept of MD Codes and has taught his unique techniques all over the world.

As we age, we continuously lose volume from the face, about 1% of facial volume each year and about 40ml by age 40. We lose fat from fat pads under the skin, ligaments are relaxed, and bones

The excellent news is that appropriately placed dermal fillers can replace some of this loss and significantly rejuvenate the face. Although we all tend to age similarly, most of us have one or two areas of particular concern, and if cost is an issue, just focusing on improving those areas can make a dramatic difference.