Plasma lifting is a device treatment that helps, especially in turning off the skin in the area of the upper eyelids.

The plasma pen uses the power of plasma (solid, liquid, gas, and plasma) to help reduce or eliminate specific skin manifestations and problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, etc.

Through ionization, plasma lifting treatments can create an electrical charge. It penetrates the targeted areas of the skin, causing controlled heating – this disperses the heat throughout the target area.

This method removes fine lines, skin tags, pigmentation, and other problems. In addition, the heat dispersion through the targeted skin causes the body to send fibroblasts to the area and form new collagen and elastin fibers, promoting the skin’s plumping and tightening.

The course of treatment lasts less than an hour. The wonderful thing about the Plasma thermo lifting treatment is that it is a non-surgical alternative to upper droopy eyelid surgery.

Procedure and results

Before the treatment, a numbing cream is applied for half an hour so that the patient feels comfortable and does not feel discomfort from possible, even minor, pain. Still, he can feel the heat. After the treatment, there is a feeling like when a person burns his skin in the sun. Therefore, after the treatment, the skin feels burnt and tense for a few hours. The result of the treatment will fully develop within three weeks. For deep wrinkles, 2-3 follow-up treatments may be necessary.

Results can be permanent. Although it will not stop the natural aging process, clients should still see the results of the treatment for years.

Concomitant effects

Reddish spots will remain on the skin, and the skin will appear dry and scaly during healing and may eventually itch.