4D Photojuvenization is an effective method for treating acne.
The procedure uses a 4-step method based on the light principle of rejuvenating the skin and subcutaneous tissue with proven laser IPL techniques that penetrate profoundly and controllably into the skin, which means that it overheats selected cells – cosmetic and skin defects that are subsequently removed.

Course of treatment

1st step: grinding the skin with diamond microdermabrasion
2nd step: mesotherapy with oxygen hydration
3rd step: laser rejuvenation with IPL light itself
4th step: collagen stimulation using LED light

The effect of the procedure

effectively treats rashes, reduces and removes red-purple spots after acne, and reduces the number of their inflammation

Whom is the procedure intended for?

For those who need to cure acne and correct skin imperfections simultaneously.


Two days


pregnancy, breastfeeding, acute illness, herpetic facial disease

Adverse effects

redness that disappears within two days, burning sensation, limiting stay in the sun


only in winter


3-5 treatments are required with an interval of 4 weeks to achieve the maximum effect