Beautification is one of the most requested interventions in aesthetic medicine. It also means beautification, beautification.

This treatment aims to make a woman even more beautiful by suppressing her flaws and highlighting her strengths so that she continues to retain her naturalness. Beautification is a tailor-made procedure that considers each person’s situation and seeks harmony and enhancement of facial features.

The advantage of beautification is that it is not an excessive change that those around you would notice as unnatural because it is a delicate method done with sensitivity and eve. Even with small actions, the result is a more beautiful and harmonious face.

Changes are made, for example, by applying hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, or various other therapies. The beautification must not be done according to some template but individually so that the appearance is natural and improved.

The most common corrections in  beautification include lip correction – fillers, sled silhouette, modeling of cheekbones, modification of the shape of the chin,  and various therapies according to consideration, such as Dracula therapy or Mesotherapy.