The Lifting procedure is performed in Aesthetic Medicine non-invasively, without surgery, and  its result looks natural.

For this purpose, a rejuvenating non-invasive treatment is used with a device that uses an ultrasound head to send precisely targeted pulses of heat to the deep level of the skin. The skin reacts to the supplied energy and forms new  collagen, gradually turning off and strengthening.

The device projects a detailed image of the skin  onto the screen, enabling  precise targeting of  the desired part of the face through  distinct pulses of heat to the deep level of the skin. It ensures the best possible result. The top layer of the skin remains intact.

Newly produced own collagen beautifully closes and  smoothes the skin, and  it looks rejuvenated, fresh, and healthy.

The effect of  this treatment remains permanent and  is intended for all  those who prefer a gentler procedure than surgery with significant suppression of signs of aging.

There may be an unpleasant feeling during the procedure for a while due to the heat, but this is temporary and  means that the collagen has started to form.  The treatment can be carried out year-round and  must be repeated in approximately  3 to 5 years.