Radiesse lifting is a treatment in which a filler is applied, which ensures the rejuvenation of the skin with a long-lasting effect. Radiesse is an absorbable filler material. It is a newer alternative to hyaluronic acid that contains calcium hydroxyapatite. It is the safest collagen stimulator. It contains substances that occur naturally in the body. 

The filler in the Radiesse Lifting treatment  can immediately correct and replenish the lost volume and start the formation of new tissue. The advantage is that it can fill medium and deep wrinkles.


  • 70%  –  carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), cellulose gel with glycerin
  • 30%  –   uniform microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA);  CaHA is a natural body component; it forms the mineral part of bones and teeth.

What makes Radiesse unique

Radiesse treatment improves skin quality on several levels. After applying the filler, wrinkles are smoothed out  shortly after the filling procedure, and  the missing volume is added. During the next six months, the stimulating effect of forming new collagen occurs. It happens thanks to fibroblasts stimulated by CaHA.

The first significant signs of lifting and lifting of the skin can be observed after a month and  increase  over time.  The lifting effect occurs thanks to a dense collagen network created from  new collagen fibers.

Thanks to this newly formed collagen network, the skin is strengthened and supported for a long time,  and the face and  body contours are accentuated.  CaHA is gradually broken down as new collagen is formed , occurring  approximately six months after treatment.

The effect is manifested in  three areas:


Skin rejuvenation : long-term improvement of skin quality

Volume Lifting: lifting and contouring based on the induction of collagen

Filler:  safe and effective reduction of medium and deep wrinkles 

Beneficial effects of Radiesse Lifting treatment

  • does not cause allergic reactions
  • rejuvenates the skin
  • the filling is naturally broken down in the body
  • stimulates collagen production
  • the result lasts quite a long time
  • treatment favorably solves the problem of medium and deep wrinkles, volume lifting and contouring
  • ensures skin rejuvenation