Aesthetic method, the so-called Spider Web Aesthetic, is a non-surgical skin lifting method. It is performed by weaving PDO medical threads into the skin’s subcutaneous tissue using thin needles like a spider’s web. It is a non-surgical facelift, rejuvenation, and reformulation of facial skin shapes. Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging caused by gravity and age tend to deepen due to bad weather conditions, unhealthy eating habits, and frequent weight gain and loss. A Spider Web technician can adjust these aspects to high satisfaction.

What is the so-called cobweb aesthetic?

The wrinkles are caused by time, external circumstances, diet, lifestyle, sagging skin on the cheeks and neck, and an oval face. The front’s changes over time can be seen more clearly in your older photos. Spider Web technology helps address apparent and potential skin problems as a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure and as an alternative to plastic surgery.

The technology was developed by a renowned provider of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, Dr. Bulent Cihantimur, who owns the name and patent rights to this method. The non-surgical approach is inspired by the fantastic shape and mechanism of the spider web, the most robust and flexible structure in nature. When examining the exciting form and structure of the net from an aesthetic point of view, some properties are observed that can be very useful to humanity. Dr. Bulent Cihantimur has been leading research and development of the method since 2000 and works at our partner clinic.

The main principle of the web method

Polydioxanone threads, used in surgery for years, and thin needles to place them under the skin, are used for the Spider Web aesthetic procedure. These medical threads have no side effects on the body and are woven under the skin like a web using skinny needles. The main principle of spider web aesthetics, which can be defined as a non-surgical thread-lifting procedure, is an action mechanism that re-stimulates the production of collagen in the body to compensate for decreased collagen.

Threads are woven into the problem area and provide a solid lifting effect. The body reacts to the fibers and produces biological fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin. It also doubles the lifting effect. As a result, the skin is rejuvenated, reformed, and tightened. In this, the Spider Web facelift differs from other methods of thread facelift or thread “hanging” of the face.

Why is this method highly preferred?

Spider Web Aesthetic, which currently provides the best results among non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques, is a fast and modern application that does not delay the patient for a long time in the work process and does not cause any potential complications as swelling and bruising during surgical procedures.

People who have completed Spider Web prefer this method because it successfully achieves a skin lift with a simple application without interrupting their social life and allowing make-up immediately after the procedure. In addition, the skin begins to rejuvenate instantly after the aesthetic process. It maintains its development depending on skin type, nutritional habits, and age.

The Spider Web aesthetic reveals its actual effects from the third month. It maintains its mechanism of action for an average of three years, depending on lifestyle. Its repeatable nature is one of the reasons why people prefer the Spider-W Web method. In addition, the technique can freeze your age when you have the procedure. For example, if you had a cobweb aesthetic in your 30s, you’ll still look like your 30s when you’re 35. Repeated applications stimulate reduced collagen production due to age and help you freeze your age.

Spider Web preparations such as Spider Web Mask, Spider Web Tincture, and Spider Web Serum increase the results to the highest level.

Whom is the method intended for?

Aesthetic webbing is a non-surgical technique that can benefit all people – men and women – who want to refresh their face and who have:

  • wrinkles on the face – lips, eyelids, under the eyelids
  • sagging skin on the face, under the chin, on the cheeks, neck
  • wrinkles on and around the lower eyelids
  • deformation around the lips and mouth
  • an obvious lower line of the chin and neck
  • the desire to rejuvenate and refresh the face
  • sagging and deformations
  • thin skin with a tendency to wrinkles
  • wrinkles around the eyes and lips
  • drooping chin and neck area
  • they want to say “Stop” to time and gravity
  • want to rejuvenate and refresh their skin
  • have loose skin on the inner arms, legs, abdomen, breasts, buttocks, genitals, and other parts

Advantages of the Spider WebAesthetic method

  • It is a very practical application of facelifting in a very short time
  • It is a repeatable application
  • Supports the formation of collagen in the skin

It is a simple, reliable, risk-free application without any side effects

  • Patients do not feel any pain
  • No stitches involved, no scars left
  • Immediately after the procedure, it is possible to return to social life, and you can even apply make-up
  • It is very effective on fine lines and wrinkles
  • Medical threads are used, which dissolve over time
  • Supports the formation of collagen in the skin

Our body creates its collagen network around the placed CHOP fibers. The threads dissolve within six months, and the lifting mechanism starts. For this period after Spider Web aesthetics to have a positive effect on the skin, patience is needed. We can recommend foods and drinks that support collagen production. (Green vegetables, fruits, and vegetables with vitamins A and C). You will notice rejuvenation, tightening, and reduction of wrinkles on the skin in a short time.

Spider Web Aesthetic can be applied to almost any deformed body part. The price for Spider Web Aesthetic is determined based on the number of threads used. The number of lines can be determined after examination.

How does it work?

Threads applied to areas of the skin that are sagging, loose, or prone to deformation accelerate the production of collagen and elastin. These fibers adhere to the skin without causing any damage; the skin begins to reform quickly thanks to accelerated blood microcirculation. The body reacts to these fibers and weaves its biological network around them. Threads dissolve within six months, and rejuvenation and reshaping continue every day.

How is the method applied?

Local anesthetic creams are applied to the application area. Then, depending on the location, a set number of threads are placed under the skin and woven like a spider web.

From what age is the method suitable?

Regardless of gender, Spider Web Aesthetic can be performed from age 30, when the first indistinct lines begin to form, and at an older age, e.g., from age fifty, when skin correction is necessary.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions and their intervals depend on the skin’s current condition. On average, 2 to 3 sessions will help to maximize the recovery of the skin.

How many needles are used during the procedure?

The number of injections is determined based on the deformation of the skin. Two hundred injections are used, 100 on the right and 100 on the left side of the face, to achieve the best result.

For which parts of the body is the method suitable?

Not just the facial area. The Spider Web Aesthetic method can be performed for all skin tissues prone to sagging or loosening due to deformation. For example, Spider Web Aesthetic can reform the inner thighs, hips and buttocks, inner arms, stomach, breasts, and vagina.

Spider Web Aesthetic consists of the following steps:

  • The skin is cleaned before the procedure.
  • Local anesthetic cream is applied to the skin.
  • Threads are woven like a web under the skin using thin needles in problem areas determined during the examination.
  • After placing the specified number of threads, the skin is cleaned again, and the procedure is completed

In  combination with  what procedures can the method be used?

Botox, filler, or a fat transfer method can be added depending on the patient’s condition and needs. This application can also be performed before frequently used laser procedures. The spider web technique combined with implant and fat transfer, which are also used for breast augmentation and buttock augmentation procedures, can provide excellent results.


In the spider web technique, local anesthesia is generally performed by applying a special cream to the skin. However, in cases where more than 100 CHOP threads are required, it is preferred to perform it under sedation.

Duration of the procedure

The duration varies depending on the application area and the number of threads used. For example, the whole face can be completed within 10-15 minutes, and other body parts can be completed within 20 minutes on average.

When can you return to work?

Patients can immediately return to their social life without needing rest or bed rest and only with light makeup.

When will the results be available?

The difference can be observed after application on one side of the face during the procedure. In addition, since the Spider Web method is a daily rejuvenation process, patients can watch a recovery period every day and experience rejuvenation.

How long will the condition last?

After the procedure comes a period of rejuvenation and recovery; placed medical sutures will disappear within six months. The lifespan of the method varies depending on the skin structure, eating habits, and age of the patient. However, the effect is observed to last longer than three years.

What are the complications?

There are no complications. Slight bruising and swelling may occur, but all should disappear within 3-5 days or be easily covered with makeup.