A cosmetic defect around the nose is often enlarged coils, which do not have an aesthetic effect and trouble both men and women alike. A suitable way to remove them is IPL laser treatment. The clients are delighted with the treatment process.

Treatment process: the pulsed light acts on the hemoglobin and leads to the closure and destruction of the small blood vessels, which then disintegrate and disappear.

Treatment result: after pulsed light treatment, the veins are temporarily colored brown. The coils will disappear within about a month.

For whom the treatment is suitable: for those who have enlarged coils on the cheeks or nose and want to remove them.

Side effects: redness, slight swelling

The treatment is recommended only in winter.

Repetition: the need for repetition is individual; 4 and 6 treatments are recommended. There should be an interval of 4 weeks between unique treatments.