Hair Dream Microline is a simple way to solve the problem of thinning hair without invasive intervention. The system is intended for people who have balding or thinning hair. Traditional hair extensions are designed to add volume and length. The Hair Dream Microline System specifically addresses the need for extra fullness, scalp coverage, and a book in the hairstyle, and women love this system very much.

The Microline Hair System has a mesh design that combines custom-made hair tied in a mesh system and natural hair. Incorporating the patient’s hair and the hair with Microline will increase the overall volume and provide a significant amount of hair that covers and hides bald spots on the scalp.

Hair quality

Each piece of Hair Dream Microline integrated hair replacement is handmade from premium natural hair of exceptional quality. It is attached to the natural hair with small silicone-coated balls holding it firmly. The natural hair is integrated through a mesh structure that disappears after the hair is braided.

Standard Microline model

It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have too much of a problem. This standard product has a small or large mesh structure depending on how much coverage is needed to achieve the desired look.

Own Microline model

This Microline system is ordered and custom-made. Based on one’s own needs, it can be ideally suited because it considers individual specifics. For example, suppose the problem is baldness all over the scalp. In that case, a custom Microline can be designed to help hide the bald spots using a scalp-like material instead of standard mesh. The overall size of the Microline system can also be extended or expanded depending on the area that needs to be covered.

Our own Microline system is made to order with a production time of 4 months, as they are handmade.

After installation, the Microline hair replacement system needs to be maintained in the salon on two types of seating.

Removal and reinstallation is recommended 3 to 4 weeks after initial installation. It’s a quick service that involves completely removing and reinstalling the system and tightening the joints holding the approach to the hair.

After 6 to 8 months of wear, the Microline system must be returned to Hair Dreams for refurbishment. It ensures the mesh is always in its original condition and the hair does not fall out of the Microline system. Renovation of the Microline system takes 8-16 weeks, so we always recommend having two Microline hair replacement systems. While one is being renovated, the client will use the other, so there will be no downtime.