You’ve lost weight, but what happened to your skin?

Congratulations if you are among the thousands of people who have lost weight. It’s fantastic; you’re slim now! Gone are the years of struggling and being unhappy with failed diets. However, you still haven’t reached a satisfactory appearance. After losing weight, the skin often sags and does not copy the silhouette of the new body. This phenomenon cannot be removed by oneself; it is necessary to solve the situation surgically.

You may have undergone gastric bypass surgery, weight loss surgery, or just succeeded in dieting; in both cases, it is evident that you have a new body and a new life. Sagging and loss of shape create a new problem.

Thousands of people suffer from such problems after losing weight, and luckily body contouring surgery helps to give your body a more natural look.

According to research, this skin sagging is a problem experienced by 4 out of 5 patients after weight loss surgery. The most common areas are the abdomen, breasts, arms, inner thighs, back, upper knees, and face.

Body contouring options after weight loss

Depending on how much weight you lose and where you have excess skin, you may have one or more of the following procedures:

  • Facial aesthetics
  • Breast aesthetics
  • Liposculpture
  • Abdominal lifting
  • Arm aesthetics
  • Leg aesthetics
  • Butt aesthetics
  • Back aesthetics

Postbariatric procedures

Who is body contouring surgery suitable for?

Individuals who have lost significant weight from bariatric surgery, dieting, or pregnancy and whose body has significant sagging and excess skin can undergo body contouring surgery.

Losing weight is a process, and the body and face, which have undergone deformation due to this process, can be unaesthetic. Body shaping surgery should then be included in weight loss planning and considered an integral part of this process.

Excessive and sagging skin can cause aesthetic concerns and health problems, probably caused by skin infections. Aesthetic surgery after weight loss is the perfect solution for removing loose, excess, and unsightly skin from the body.

Body contouring procedures, weight loss surgery, pregnancy or dieting, and weight loss through exercise will help you achieve the desired result.

Why should I undergo body contouring surgery?

Applied to remove excess skin and sagging include various surgical options. These procedures are designed to soften the body of patients after weight loss surgery or after weight loss to correct distorted contour lines and help them enjoy everyday activities.

Possibilities of shaping the figure after losing weight

After losing weight, we can divide the deformation points of the whole body into two parts: face and body. After weight loss, facial aesthetics and body contouring surgeries differ from classic look and body surgeries.

The most crucial difference is the removal of skin, which does not shrink when the fat is removed and remains an excess part of the body.

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