The gluteal area is one of the most common areas requiring reshaping after weight loss. This is achieved by transferring fat tissues harvested from another part of the body to the buttock area. Therefore, you can get rid of fat storage in another area and have defined, firm and rounded hips and buttocks.

There is a certain weight limit to be able to undergo the cosmetic procedure of the Brazilian butt. This procedure can be done as long as you have the desired body fat ratio. If you don’t have enough fat, a filler may be considered.

From which parts of the body can fat be removed for butt aesthetics?

Fat can be taken from the legs, abdomen and even the waist area and injected into the butt.

Can another person’s fat tissue be used for fat transfer?

No. Brazilian butt esthetics is performed using only the patient’s own fat tissue. If another person’s fat tissues are transferred, the body will react to these tissues as foreign bodies and will not absorb them.

How long will it take to see results?

The aesthetics of the Brazilian butt may take several months for the procedure site to balance. During this period, especially if you apply any pressure to the hip area in the first weeks after surgery, some of the transferred fat cells may be reabsorbed and degraded. After a full recovery, the results will last for many years, provided you avoid significant weight fluctuations and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The use of fat transfer together with stem cells guarantees even longer durability.

When is it possible to return to work?

It is recommended to lie on your side for one week to ten days, and you can return to work approximately one week after the procedure.