It is the same intervention as Brachioplasty. After a significant weight loss, the excess sagging skin is removed, and a smooth shape of the legs is obtained. In addition, excessive skin overhanging the knee joint can also be corrected with this surgical procedure.

What are the alternatives for leg aesthetics?

As with other body contouring procedures performed after bariatric surgery to improve the aesthetics of the legs, remove excess skin, and restore sagging parts, liposuction can be a suitable solution. However, it is mainly realized during the storage of fat. The way they are.

Leg lifting surgery can also be combined with other surgical interventions such as Abdominal lifting (abdominoplasty). Your doctor will decide with which procedure it can be combined. Planning multiple possible methods is carried out with your comfort in mind.

Is leg lifting a temporary solution?

No. Paying attention to yourself and your lifestyle will give you a look that will last you a lifetime. However, do not forget about the natural effects of aging.

How long does the leg lifting procedure take?

In general, aesthetic leg procedures last two to three hours and are performed under general anesthesia.

What should the body weight be suitable for a leg lift?

As with other weight loss body contouring surgeries, it is essential that you reach and maintain your ideal weight, as this procedure mainly targets sagging skin and soft tissue.

Is it possible to sit and walk after the operation?

It is advisable to take short walks immediately after aesthetic leg surgery, as this is key to maintaining the functionality of the circulatory system and reducing edema. After the procedure, you can sit in the most comfortable position without damaging the stitches.