Breast augmentation surgery is performed to increase their size. Breast size and shape can often play a decisive role in a woman’s self-esteem.

Breast augmentation surgeries are procedures that increase the volume of the breasts or correct the asymmetry problem. Loss of breast shape can occur in the breast tissues due to weight gain and loss after pregnancy, or the breasts can be extra small from birth. If aging and gravity are added to this over time, the breasts can become visibly smaller and sag. Breast augmentation can be performed to the desired shape and size to solve all these problems.

In general, implants are used for breast augmentation, or fat transfer can be performed.

Breast augmentation surgery is possible using silicone implants and the fat transfer above and can result in a highly natural appearance. However, an essential criterion for the procedure’s success is to approach each patient individually and consider what size and shape of the breast fits her body type, age, and requirements so that the result is harmonious.

A personal 3D simulation shows the patient how she will look after breast augmentation, and the doctor and the patient decide on the approach to her individual case. First, the patient can see exactly how the breasts will look after breast augmentation surgery. Then the doctor plans the operation by the chosen strategy.

The most important thing is ensuring the patient’s natural, symmetrical, and lively appearance after breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation is one of the procedures with which patients are most satisfied. Thanks to advanced technology, patients are delighted because they can see their naturally and symmetrically enlarged new breasts through 3D simulation before surgery.

Nowadays, achieving perfect results with experienced doctors and the most modern options is easy.

Who can undergo breast augmentation surgery?

  • Ladies who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts
  • Ladies who experience a loss of volume and shape in their breasts
  • Ladies with breast symmetry problems
  • Ladies who suffer from self-esteem issues due to the size of their breasts
  • Ladies who have lost one or both breasts due to various diseases

How is aesthetic breast augmentation performed?

Breast augmentation operations must be precisely planned. At this point, the experience of the doctor and the use of the latest technologies are significant. Therefore, our doctors carefully plan the operation using advanced technologies and determine which methods and procedures will be performed for which patient.

Before the operation, it will be determined whether breast implants or the fat transfer method will be used.

If breast augmentation is performed using silicones, doctors will choose the method. It allows the placement of the silicone implant under or over the muscle without any error.

Using an incision along the natural line created under the breast allows for a natural camouflage of the scar. In addition, the procedure can also be performed through an incision under the arm, through the navel, or nipples. However, we always prefer an incision under the breast, as it is a less problematic route.

How many methods are there to place a breast augmentation implant?

Breast augmentation prostheses can be placed in several different ways. Our preference and the most problematic method is to make a small and thin incision along the natural line under the breast. The operation can be performed quickly and smoothly.

In addition to this method, placing a prosthesis from the armpit is possible. After this method, no scar will remain after the incision around the breast; the incision will be in the armpit.

Another method is the placement of implants by entering through the navel. After these operations, a slight redness may appear around the incisions, fading over time and returning to its natural color.

The recovery period after surgery with silicone

The patient’s recovery period after breast augmentation surgery is speedy. Since the procedure is possible through a small incision, not much discomfort will follow. You will get used to your new breasts within a few days. You can shower with a waterproof bra.

Breast augmentation operations are among the procedures with which patients are most satisfied. Our patients, who get used to their new appearance within a few weeks and start to like themselves even more in the mirror, state their satisfaction.

You may have some pain for a few days; the doctor may prescribe painkillers.

During the breast augmentation procedure, is the breast lift also performed?

Depending on the patient’s current condition, the breasts may be lifted, however breast augmentation is not breast lift surgery and no lift is expected due to the application of the silicone prosthesis used for breast augmentation. If your breasts are too saggy, we recommend Breast Augmentation in combination with Lifting.

Can a breast implant rupture?

Quality certified implants do not pose a risk of leakage or rupture. They do not leak even if they are literally pierced. Therefore, cracking or leaking is impossible with these latest technology products.

Which silicone model should be preferred – drop or round?

Certified silicones are selected according to the shape of each patient’s physical characteristics and wishes. In these personal decision-making processes, we will explain to the client the specifics of individual shapes and possible expected results.

Is it possible to repair sagging breasts after childbirth?

Saggy breasts after childbirth can of course be adjusted. For this procedure, the patient must be examined to determine which operations are necessary and a plan must be devised. Patients can look even better than before giving birth.

In addition to breast augmentation, the desired appearance can also be achieved in combination with breast modeling and many other procedures in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations.

What is the best time for breast augmentation surgery?

The most suitable time for breast augmentation surgery can be determined several months before the date that the patient is aiming for. Spring months are generally chosen, but this is a very simple and quick aesthetic operation that can be performed at any time.