Breast lift

Breast lift surgeries are surgical procedures that provide solutions for sagging breasts. Sagging breasts usually occur due to the deformation caused by breastfeeding, the effect of gravity over time, or a frequent cycle of weight gain and loss. In addition, sagging of underdeveloped breasts may occur at an early age.

Fine lines caused by gravity and age tend to deepen due to unhealthy eating habits and frequent weight gain and loss. In addition, since saggy breasts prevent women from wearing the clothes they want, it damages their self-esteem.

Deformation of the breasts, which determines the aesthetic area of the cleavage, occurs not only in sagging breasts but also in the size of enlarged areolas due to hormonal fluctuations. Sagging breasts also cause irritation of the subcutaneous skin structure as well as skin problems due to friction. Therefore, it is recommended that breast augmentation surgery be considered after breastfeeding to prevent re-loss of shape.

It is also often preferred to perform lifting operations with breast augmentation, as the skin overlying volume-problematic breast tissue creates a sagging appearance. The breast tissue has shrunk, and the skin has not adjusted to this new small volume.

Excess skin can be removed by breast surgery. However, breast aesthetics alone cannot give breast volume. In such cases, breast aesthetics will not be enough, so it is advisable to use other aesthetic treatments to favor a beautiful appearance. It is necessary to perform a fat injection or a silicone implant to increase the volume of the breasts.

Who can undergo breast lift surgery?

  • Women who have breast problems after breastfeeding
  • Breasts with insufficiently developed bust
  • Women with sagging breasts due to frequent weight gain and weight loss
  • Women with sagging breasts due to age and gravity
  • Non-ideal area of the areola
  • Women with self-esteem problems due to sagging breasts
  • Women who cannot wear the clothes they want because of sagging breasts

Those ladies planning an aesthetic breast lift often have one or more of the characteristics we have listed above. Our modern and innovative techniques provide aesthetic breast candidates with extremely comfortable healing processes that allow them to achieve the desired breast image.

How is breast lift surgery performed?

A breast lift is often performed simultaneously as a breast augmentation or reduction. During the preliminary examination, whether to use an implant, fat injections, or just a breast lift according to the patient’s wishes will be clarified.

The condition of the breast tissue and excess skin is examined, and surgery is planned. Breast lift surgery under general anesthesia begins primarily with reducing the areola area. Next, the incision is made using a vertical scarless central pedicle. The skin and underlying breast tissue are then treated separately. Considering the possibility of breastfeeding in the future, the breast tissue will be adjusted and straightened; the form will be restored. The skin of the breast is then closed as loose or tight depending on the new internal structure.

Here it is essential to consider that breast lift surgery will not change the breast size. Instead, it restores the original form of the breasts and raises them in the shape and volume they are in; then, the procedure is complete.

If the breasts are too oversized or undersized, the desired size can be achieved within the same operation. To achieve this goal, breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast fat transfer may be included.

How many scars are left after breast lift surgery?

We prefer the most natural methods that leave patients with as few scars as possible after breast lift operations. Therefore, we use the vertical central pedicle technique without faults in these procedures, which must be done from an aesthetic point of view.

This highly innovative technique gives the most reasonable and appropriate form and leaves a minimal scar. In addition, with this technique, it is possible to perform the procedure by separately manipulating the breast tissue and breast skin. The operation is completed without potential stress on the skin structure.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance, this technique also considers the state of health, allows blood circulation of the entire structure, and provides benefits. In addition, the vertical central pedicle technique without scars will enable patients to experience less pain and return home on the day of surgery without significant complications.