Fat transfer is a fat injection system that we apply to patients who complain about their breasts’ fullness, surface, and size.

Mainly due to gravity and breastfeeding, breasts can sag or lose firmness. As a result, some women do not have breasts of the desired size. Although most patients think this can only be solved by breast augmentation with silicones, filling the breasts with fat injection is possible.

Some women prefer a more natural method over the surgical application of implants.

The application of fat transfer to the affected area offers a highly natural and organic solution. First, body fat is extracted from any site of fat. Then, after being enriched with stem cells, it is injected into the breast area. With this condition, patients get rid of regional fat and get the perfect shape they want for their breasts.

However, fat injections may not be suitable for those who have problems with excessive breast sagging or want to achieve 3-4 sizes larger.

Not the size but the vitality is also so crucial for the breasts. Therefore we want to emphasize that instead of the size, the life and health of the breasts must be essential and that applying fat can remove any opposite condition.

Who is breast fat application suitable for?

  • Ladies without excessive sagging of the breasts
  • Ladies without breast asymmetry
  • Ladies who want to add vitality to their breasts
  • Ladies looking for some breast augmentation
  • Ladies who want to have aesthetic breasts without incision scars
  • Ladies who want to get rid of their regional fat in the same operation
  • Ladies who do not want to have any foreign materials in their body
  • Ladies who want a faster recovery period

Candidates who meet all these criteria are suitable for breast fat transfer. This procedure, which does not involve the potential risks of conventional breast augmentation surgery, is less stressful for the body, has a short recovery time, and provides the simplest yet most natural results.

How does the transfer of fat to the breasts take place?

Breast fat transfer is performed by preparing a fluid rich in stem cells using the patient’s fat taken from regional deposits and injected into the breasts.

One of our doctors performs the Cihantimur Fat Transfer method, which he developed and introduced into the world’s medical literature. The Cihantimur Fat Transfer method has a different feature than conventional fat injections.

Fat is extracted from the patient’s regional fat deposits and transferred to the associated area by keeping it “alive” without contact with air through a closed lipoid technique. Fat transferred in this way continues to live in the transfer area longer and in a denser composition.

Breasts will increase in size and density by two baskets. Suppose the sagging of the breasts is not excessive. In that case, Spider Web Aesthetic lifting can also be considered (you can find more information about the method in the Aesthetic Medicine section) or breast lifting. If a surgical breast lift is unplanned, all other operations are performed without an incision. Instead, fat injection is done through micro-inputs. Then, spider Web Aesthetic is applied by placing threads under the skin using thin needles.

Breast fat transfer has no side effects. Since the procedure takes place most naturally using fat injection and stem cells prepared from the patient’s body, we achieve the healthiest and most natural results compared to other breast augmentation methods.

The procedure does not cause any loss of sensitivity in the nipples. It does not block breastfeeding. Since the procedure is performed by transferring living cells into a stem cell-rich structure, the dissolution problem associated with conventional fat injection is not a problem. Ladies who undergo this treatment retain their new breast size for the rest of their lives.

Benefits of breast fat transfer

  • It is a procedure without an incision (cut) performed using micro inputs.
  • The fat to be transferred is extracted from the patient’s regional fat stores, thereby partially eliminating the regional overweight problem.
  • Vitality and rejuvenation
  • Recovery time is significantly short