Buttock aesthetics is a form of buttock lifting and enlargement surgery that gives the hips a younger, natural, and reformed look. It’s called the “Brazilian butt” because Brazilian women boast an entire bulging, rounded bottom specific to these regions. Such a background is considered very attractive and seductive. Our patients who do not like the appearance of their hips and buttocks can have aesthetic buttocks, regardless of their size, shape, or sagging skin. The background’s beauty depends not only on the size but also on the form of the sides and the space and how it is shaped.

How is the Brazilian But Lift performed?

In buttock aesthetics, the patient’s fat shapes the hips and buttocks. Since the fat comes from the patient, the results are entirely natural, and it is not apparent that these flawless hips result from surgery. If the patient lacks enough fat for transfer, filler materials can also be used.

Brazilian butt lift (BBL), also known as a Brazilian butt lift, is preferred by people who want a younger appearance, defined hips, and a correct body profile.

In this procedure, we transfer fat collected from regional fat stores in the purest and most appropriate composition of fat stem cells. It helps to achieve the longest possible result.

This procedure involves fat extraction and includes enriching the extracted fat with stem cells. Fat extraction is performed by liposuction. And centrifuges are used to improve the fat with stem cells. The last step is to re-apply the grease to the destination. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of the hips; this will lift the butt and make it more prominent. The effect is an attractive silhouette profile.

The course of the procedure

In some regions of the body, fat is suctioned using thin cannulas.

The fat collected by liposuction is centrifuged and enriched with stem cells; the fat harvested from these areas is carefully processed. Only part of the accumulated donor fat will be suitable for application to the hips. In most cases, more than 33% of the extracted fat will be ideal for re-injection. Therefore, stem cell transfer increases the permanence of the procedure. Only the best donor fat cells are reinjected into the hip area. Fat is extracted from at least three body parts for good and proper fat collection.


In buttock aesthetics, regional fat deposits around different body parts (usually from the abdomen) are collected and transferred to the hips. Therefore, applying the “Cihantimur Fat Transfer” method to prevent damage to the cells during the transfer and guarantee their permanence is one of the most critical steps.

The operation is performed under a specified type of anesthesia and lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours. The only requirement for the patient is to stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the procedure.


If the patient has a problem storing fat in another part of the body, collecting this fat is another benefit for a better appearance. For example, breast augmentation, breast lift, and tummy tuck can be combined with a butt lift for a more beautiful and firm appearance. Removing fat around the waist will also provide more attractive curves.

Why the butt should be aesthetic

Suitable candidates are anyone who complains about appearance, position, volume, and shape, who has an uneven distribution of fat in the hip area due to frequent weight gain or weight loss, and women who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their hips after giving birth.

There is no need to live with unwanted shapes and volume. This problem has a natural-looking, simple, and effective solution – the most advanced method to transfer fat to the buttocks. This method gives a very soft and natural look. At the same time, since the transferred fat is the patient’s tissue, there is no risk of rejection.

Advantages of the procedure

  • Firm and natural result
  • Fresh appearance and healthy skin tissue
  • Quick recovery
  • Elimination of fat from other parts

Recovery and results

Recovery time after the procedure depends on age, health, physical condition, and environmental factors.

The procedure does not involve stitches, as no surgical incisions exist. It is done through micro inputs. Therefore, there is no need to wear bandages. It is possible to return to social life immediately after the operation. However, we recommend that you avoid lifting heavy weights and not run or engage in activities requiring physical strength during the first week after the procedure. The more rest you get, the faster your recovery will be.