Laser surgery for protruding ears is a very modern and innovative solution to this problem.

Suppose you have such a problem with the ears, which are an element that completes the aesthetic appearance of the face. In that case, you can use laser technology and laser surgery, which is applied without pain, bandage, or bleeding.

What is ear laser surgery?

It is a state-of-the-art surgical procedure applied painlessly, without bandaging or bleeding, using laser technology.

The incisions in the classic operation of the prominent ear are made with laser technology and do not lead to bleeding, and do not leave traces of the incision. In addition, the cartilage tissue is softened by laser technology, and the correct angulation is ensured so that the cartilage can provide much better results. This procedure will remove the prominent ear for life.

The incisions are made with laser technology in surgery for a prominent ear with a laser. In addition, the cartilage tissue is thinned with a laser to remove the prominent ear.

Laser technology also provides excellent benefits during the recovery period. With a minimal level of swelling and bruising, it gives the possibility of rapid healing.

How does laser surgery for a prominent ear take place?

Prominent ear laser surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or preferably local anesthesia and begins with a laser cut behind the ear. Then, according to the condition of the protruding ear, the laser softens the cartilage tissue. If necessary, other adjacent tissues that raise the level of the protruding ear are placed at the right angle by laser treatment.

Excess tissue and other parts are removed. The ear’s inner part is also stitched and closed with a laser to position the angle.

Advantages of using laser technology

The most significant advantage of laser surgery is that it provides a great benefit during the recovery period and a brief, non-intense recovery period. When the patient goes home after the operation, he wears only a hair band. He is asked to protect the area from external factors for several days.

Since no incisions are made, there is no need for bandaging. During recovery, the patient does not lose any blood and therefore has no bruising or swelling. In addition, it promotes the early healing of the patient and his involvement in social life.

When applied in a highly risk-free and healthy way, major laser ear surgery solves a major ear problem without needing additional adjuncts such as bandaging and suture control for weeks of healing.

It is a comfortable prominent ear surgery that uses laser technology for people who do not want a classic major ear surgery due to their concerns.

How to prepare

The doctor checks the patient’s medical history and medication use and examines the ears – location, size, shape, and symmetry. The patient’s expectations will be discussed. It will also be necessary to plan to drive home and stay the first night of your recovery.

Sometimes the procedure is done with sedation and local anesthesia, which numbs only part of your body. In other cases, general anesthesia may be administered before the procedure.

Otoplasty techniques vary depending on what kind of correction is needed.

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