Various undesirable formations are often found on the skin, such as:

  • pigment deposits
  • warty growths
  • stalked formations
  • vascular malformations
  • fatty formations resembling birthmarks
  • tumor formations such as melanoma
  • basal cell carcinoma in elderly people

The subcutaneous tissue may contain:

  • lipoma of fatty origin
  • tumor from clogged sebaceous glands and the like.

Almost all of these formations are removed under local anesthesia, either surgically or by laser. Then, the doctor decides on the method.

Surgically, the formation is most often removed outpatient with subsequent suturing of the wound edges. For more significant buildings, skin displacement, local plastic surgery, or even a skin graft are necessary. The laser removes harmless deposits where a histological examination is not required. Different types of lasers are used for the procedure – Erbium laser, Fractional CO2 laser, Diode laser, Etc.

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