A Buccal lipectomy, or removal of buccal fat on the cheeks, is a surgical procedure in which excess fatty deposits are removed from the buccal space under the cheekbones on the sides of the face. This procedure helps create a more shaped and contoured look. In addition, buccal fat removal results in more defined facial features, and the face appears slimmer with accentuated cheekbones. For understanding, it is customary to give an example that a look in the shape of the letter U is beautified into the form of the letter V. The procedure is performed under anesthesia or with sedatives.

During the aesthetic examination of the face, the doctor asks the patient about aesthetic goals, reviews the options, and explains what can be achieved by removing buccal fat.

Buccal lipectomy procedure

With age, fat can be deposited in the cheeks, even in people who are not overweight, and this happens uniquely for each individual. It can be observed in photos from a few years ago and current images.

Patients with round, full cheeks looking for better facial contouring are good candidates for buccal fat removal. In addition to removing buccal fat, it is advisable to consider other procedures that could be performed simultaneously to achieve an ideal facial condition. For example, submental liposuction, chin augmentation, and facial fat transfer injections or fillers are often performed simultaneously to achieve the most satisfactory result. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

What to expect after buccal fat removal

After surgery to remove buccal fat, there may be slight swelling and tenderness in the lower part of the face. A little bruise appears with the pain. A special diet including non-acidic food for a certain period, sleeping with the head propped high, and rinsing the mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash is recommended.

Bruising and swelling associated with surgery can be well managed with cold compresses and head elevation, with most resolving within two weeks of surgery. As the edema decreases, results can be seen within a week or two. The swelling will disappear approximately three days later. Postoperative pain is usually well managed with prescribed pain medications. However, the results of cheek aesthetics can take several months. Improvement in facial appearance is generally seen two to three months after surgery.

Unique approach to each patient

Each buccal lipectomy procedure is unique and tailored to the individual patient. Therefore, the types of incisions used and the extent of swelling, bruising, and tenderness experienced after surgery will vary from patient to patient. Incisions are usually placed in the mouth, and the wounds are closed with dissolvable stitches after the fat is removed.

Patients with thin, narrow faces should avoid this surgery as their faces may age more with volume reduction. Aesthetic results are permanent. However, if you gain a lot of weight in the future, your cheeks may fill out again, but it won’t be as bad as before.

What is an aesthetic face?

The face is the first place that catches our attention when we meet someone. Even if the nose, mouth, cheeks, lips, eye color, and hair are not examined separately at first, they serve the beauty of the face as an integral part of it.

Face and the golden ratio

People’s beauty criteria are related to the elements’ proportional distribution and the percentage of tissue present. It can be said that the beauty of people is connected with the so-called golden ratio, which Leonardo da Vinci also used in his fantastic works. The golden ratio can be expressed as a percentage of each element and the aesthetic compliance of the face with these values. The right balance creates a perception of beauty. If a person has a look with a golden ratio, it will be an admired face. The chin and triangular cheek areas are the most essential elements of the golden section of the face. With this ratio, the face looks young, attractive, and aesthetic. For example, the basis of the Hollywood cheek aesthetic is based on the golden ratio, prominent cheekbones, and a narrow chin area.

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