The process of lip enlargement can be corrected with filling materials in addition to surgery. The surgeon will recommend the most suitable method for lip augmentation to the patient.

There are many popular injectable fillers that are used for temporary as well as permanent lip augmentation. When placed superficially under the skin, it is a great option to add volume to the lips and the surrounding area, because it is smooth and natural. When injected just below the lips and the surface of the skin, simpler lines and wrinkles can be effectively removed. The mild and natural look that appears during temporary lip augmentation will last depending on the type of applied substance.

Fully absorbable or non-absorbable, body-own or synthetic materials can be used for lip augmentation:

Hyaluronic acid

is a substance prepared synthetically, but it is close to the body, because it is also found in the body in a certain form. This ingredient is safe, but it is quickly absorbed, so the effect of enlarged lips is shorter. It is a substance suitable for people who prefer non-synthetic ingredients.

Application of own fat

Such fat is suctioned from another part of the patient’s body and processed The disadvantage is that part of the volume is absorbed and a fairly significant swelling occurs. The fat can also be used in combination with the dermal part of the skin. In this form, fat is not absorbed, it is the so-called vital. It is also possible to use fat in connection with the dermal part of the skin, such fat is vital, it is not absorbed and will permanently enlarge the lip. The disadvantage is that this procedure leaves a small scar.


Collagen is also one of the filling materials, but it is a foreign substance. It must be tested on the patient before application. The advantage of collagen is its permanent effect. Other filling materials based on polymethyl methacrylates are also used, which are not resorbed and can be used to fill the volume of the lip.


Permanent lip augmentation can be achieved using PermaLip filler. PermaLip is an implant made of soft silicone elastomer.

It is a safe patented product, its advantage is full reversibility. PermaLip is inserted into the lips under local anesthesia and has a long-term effect.

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