Thanks to the surgical solution, it is possible to have more giant lips permanently and without fillers without a visible scar.

The thickness and bulge of the upper and lower lip can be expanded by surgically extending it. The incisions are red and in the mucous membrane of the lips and are not visible after healing. It is about the so-called lobe plastic surgery on the inner mucosal surface of the lip. The lips are cut in the shape of the letter W from the inside, and the resulting scar will also be in the form of the letter W.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The advantage is a permanent effect. Postoperative swelling occurs after the process, which gradually subsides.

The goal is to push the red part from the inside of the lips outwards, lifting and making the lips more prominent. It is a one-time operation under local anesthesia, and there is no need to repeat the procedure.

Volume increase of the lip is possible by augmentation using materials recognizable to the body – muscle or fascia strips of tissue and synthetic materials such as Goretex and polyurethane. The advantage is the immediate result. The disadvantage is the risk of the substance not being accepted by the body and the feeling of a foreign body.

Another option is surgical lip enlargement – the upper lip may be pulled out by extending the red lip. The disadvantage is a scar on the edge of the red lip.

An interesting method for highlighting and widening the lips, without a visible scar, is a two-stage V-Y displacement of the mucous lobes from the inner side of the lip. The advantage is a permanent effect. The disadvantage is two operations and postoperative swelling.

There are many options for lip correction. Choosing the correct method and technique to fulfill your expectations is essential.

Complications and side effects during surgery

With  surgical lip  augmentation, the infection can occur as the wound is in  the mouth. Therefore, it depends  on each patient’s healing and  compliance with oral hygiene. In exceptional cases, during lip augmentation with an implant, movement of the implant or numbness of the lip may occur.

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