What is a neck extension?

Neck skin tightening is a process that rejuvenates and shapes the neck area that suffers from sagging and loss of jawline.

The best candidates for neck lengthening are those who experience discomfort because the neck and jaw have an undesirable shape. The original shape they were used to in their youth was lost in the deposits of skin, wrinkles and folds.

Most patients complain of an old appearance caused by excessive looseness of the skin under the chin. These changes are usually the result of three factors (loose skin, laxity of muscles (called platysmalbanding) and a combination of excess fat. Loose skin is a result of the aging process. Muscle laxity occurs in the same way, in conjunction with the aging process, by pressure on the thin muscle layer (platyma).

With age, both muscle attachments of the muscles on the sides of the jaw begin to sag and hang down. This is commonly referred to as a “turkey neck” deformity (combined lax skin and muscle). Patients with excess fat also have an undesirable line under the chin, which is called a double chin. All three components can coexist in the same patient and cause premature aging.

Anyone experiencing these three problems can benefit from a neck skin tightening procedure. Neck lengthening is usually done under deep sedation or general anesthesia.

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