When surgically considering neck lift surgery, we recommend, as mentioned, that the neck region be expressed as a continuum and an integral part of the face, and that this surgery should be performed in conjunction with facelift surgeries.

In neck lift surgery, which begins under local or general anesthesia, the incision is made from the front of the ears toward the back of the ear and the hairline and natural jawline. Sagging and deformed muscle structure is tightened, and excess fat tissue and skin are removed per the existing structure. Minor edema and bruising may occur after lengthening neck surgery. Depending on the patient’s condition, staying one night in the clinic may be suggested, or the patient may return home after the operation.

Who can have neck lift surgery?

  • Those who have wrinkles around the neck, overhanging balloon-lobe, sagging, and loss of shape
  • Persons with neck muscle deformities
  • Those who have the appearance of a turkey neck
  • Those with a decreased salivary gland

Neck stretching with spider web aesthetics – Spider Web Aesthetics

Aesthetic spider web surgery is an alternative skin-tightening technique. Spider Web Aesthetics, which has an excellent and favorable response in neck smoothing, provides our patients with non-surgical comfort. The number of implants determined according to the degree of deformation in the patient’s neck is placed through needles with fine tips into the lower part of the skin. It creates a web. The body reacts to these structures and accelerates the formation of elastin and fibroblasts by increasing collagen production in this area. The neck area is stretched at this point, and the existing deformation begins to shape nicely into an optimal state over time.

After the Spider Web Aesthetics method procedure, you can immediately join your social life and continue where you left off without needing bandaging and wound covering.

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