Vitamin mesotherapy is a revitalizing rejuvenating method intended for all age categories to prevent aging thanks to an extreme dose of nutrients applied directly to the skin. It is a vitamin bomb for the skin.

Course of treatment

With numerous microinjections, a vitamin cocktail is intradermally applied to the skin. In addition to vitamins, it contains minerals, trace elements, coenzymes, proteins, and amino acids, which have a beneficial effect directly on the skin. All these active substances have a significant role in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

The effect of the procedure

skin rejuvenation with vitamins, skin regeneration, loss of fine wrinkles

Whom is the system intended for?

for clients who want to revitalize their skin, want to give their skin nourishment from the inside, which will support regenerative processes and skin rejuvenation


pregnancy, breastfeeding, inflammation at the injection site, viral disease, herpes, warts

Adverse effects

After the injections, mild tingling and redness may persist for a few minutes or a slight bruise, which will disappear within a few days.


Four times for one year



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