Penis enlargement is a surgical intervention aimed at improving the functionality or aesthetic appearance of the organ. So far, there have been many surveys about penis size, and most women have answered that penis size is not that important. However, men are highly concerned about the size and emphasize that they feel inadequate about their penis when they are naked, which is not thick or long enough.

Due to advances in medical science, penile aesthetics offers a variety of treatment options to increase penis size.

When we look at the normal anatomy of the penis, we find that approximately one-third of the penis is inside the body. The basis of operations to lengthen the penis is the protrusion of this inner part. This surgery does not compromise the integrity of the penis; it moves the surrounding tissue to the base and exposes the penis. In this operation, which can be called penis enlargement or penis lengthening, the suspensory ligament of the penis is interrupted, and the retropubic fat is removed by applying liposuction. The goal is to remove hardened penile tissue from inside the body.

Many factors cause a penile erection. The suspensory ligament only ensures that the penis is in diameter and at the level of the pelvis. When enough incisions are made in the ligament during penile lengthening surgery, the penis lengthens as it relaxes but has no prolapse-related problems. During penile lengthening surgery, 80% of the suspensory ligament is cut.

With this modern technique, without interrupting the connection of the penis with the pelvis, ensuring sufficient attachment, we provide that the patient does not lose the ability to control the penis during sexual intercourse. There is also no problem with erection time. After penis enlargement surgery, the penis is lengthened by 2 to 3 cm. The penis enlargement operation, a permanent operation, cannot be repeated.