Are you a crypto holder and fan of cryptocurrency?

Welcome to our page for Health Beauty Travel and Experience.

Since we sympathize with the world of crypto and have friendly relations with the people around the Parallel Polis initiative, it is also an honor to support the use of crypto in our business. With us, you get an advantage – at least an 8% discount on our services when paying with crypto. We accept the following currencies: BTC, LTC, BTC Lightning, USDC, and ETH.

Among crypto users, many digital nomads and people like freedom and discretion and prefer not to be part of our mandatory health insurance system. Instead, they prefer to use health care services around the world according to individual choice.

Our company ALADIVA would like to offer you health, beauty, and experience services in  Turkey. In contrast, a Slovak-Turkish family company with  a medical background, we have cooperation and  contacts. You can pay for our services entirely or partially in crypto if you wish. Furthermore, we cooperate with  the established company Confirmo in the Czech Republic for financial transactions.

Our customers are primarily people paying with fiat currency. Therefore  we have beauty and  health procedures in the official offer, which are not reimbursed by the health insurance company or are much cheaper in  Turkey. However, we can provide other medical and aesthetic  services and  procedures per your requirements.

Our offer is based on three pillars:

HEALTH, BEAUTY, and  EXPERIENCE (travel and  local  experiences, culture, gastronomy, history, sports, relaxation…).

How can we help you on behalf of ALADIVA?

  • We are a Slovak-Turkish family company. Here in Slovakia, we are available for email, telephone, or personal consultation. On the Turkish side, we will provide everything you need.
  • We represent renowned clinics and hospitals in Turkey and have above-standard relations with them. In Turkey, beauty and health tourism is a significantly developed long-term field, which clients of many countries use by default.
  • Thanks to several clinics and hospitals, we can choose a suitable procedure for you and adapt it to your needs.
  • We will guide you through the entire process as part of a free consultation.
  • If you wish to stay longer in Turkey before or after the procedure, we will happily provide you with a tailor-made accompanying program.
  • During your trip and stay, we are always available to you viaemaill, phone, what’s up, or in person.
  • Thanks to our cooperation with Turkish partners, we will save you time as we will handle everything for you.
  • You don’t risk surprises, unexpected situations, or confusion with us. On the contrary, we will support you, advise you and choose a custom-chosen clinic so that you can focus only on your needs and enjoy your trip and stay and not think about practical things, obligations, and deadlines.

Why choose Turkey for the procedures?

  • Turkey has a high level of healthcare, and this area is also supported by the state, whose interest is for Turkey to be a leader in the world in healthcare provision. Their beautifully appointed, highly modern clinics and private hospitals truly showcase state-of-the-art technology, stunning interior design, and professional staff, providing superior service in a welcoming environment.
  • High client satisfaction after successful procedures
  • Turkey is a close country by air compared to more distant destinations, where people tend to go for more reasonable procedures (Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.).
  • As many clinics are in Turkey, you don’t have to wait long for the procedure. We can secure an appointment in the foreseeable future.

Turkey is a beautiful country that provides many experiences and opportunities for cultural enjoyment, bargain shopping, or a stay by the sea. In addition to the result of the procedure, our clients always take away a lot of exciting ideas and pleasant moments.

What can we do for you on behalf of our company ALADIVA?

  1. Evaluation of the current situation in the field of intervention that interests you
    Based on the photos sent by you and the description or telephone communication, the expert will evaluate the given condition.
  2. Consultation
    Based on the doctors’ proposal, we will consult you about proposed solutions and practical things related to the procedure.
  3. Date of procedure
    We will agree on a date that suits you and arrange your trip accordingly.
  4. Arrival in Turkey
    Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport, who will take you safely to the hotel. Then, the driver will pick you up and take you to the clinic the following day (depending on the arrival date). Our chauffeur is also your escort, someone you can turn to if you need to go somewhere in the city and organize personal activities.
  5. At the clinic
    The doctor will take care of you, do blood tests (if the procedure is necessary), an initial examination, and the system itself (sometimes it is not done until the next day)
  6. After the procedure
    You will undergo a post-operative check-up, and the doctor will explain how to care for yourself and the procedure site. Then, if necessary, you will stay in Turkey for a few days, or you can fly immediately, depending on the type of procedure.
  7. The driver will take you to the airport
    Suppose you would like to stay in Turkey for a few extra days (before or after the procedure) and discover the beauty of the local atmosphere before leaving. In that case, we will be happy to advise you and prepare an accompanying program.