Kadikoy is a very lively and colorful district and with its lively atmosphere and city life, historical buildings, cultural events and arts, shopping malls, cafes, pubs, and restaurants by the sea, it is one of the most popular and lively districts of Istanbul.

In Kadikoy (free translation is “judge’s village”) you can experience how the locals of Istanbul live.

Walking around the neighboring smaller districts of Kadikoy Square, Moda, and Fenerbahce Kalamis, relaxing and drinking tea or coffee in various cafes near the sea, visiting Bahariye Street and shopping are among the best things you can do in Kadikoy… It is the proximity of the sea that lies before you spreads out without you expecting it, which makes this place magical because your steps will pass from the hustle and bustle of the place to the open air of the sea coast, where the promenade is located – a place of fishermen, young people, lovers, families, and dog walkers.

Kadikoy Market and the famous Bahariye Street are the most popular places for tourists. Kadikoy market has a wide range of stalls from greengrocers to fishmongers, and spices to confectionery, cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

The famous fish market is also definitely worth a visit. Tellalzade Street along the Kadikoy market area is famous for its antique shops and booksellers.

And before you reach Bahariye Street, you will come across another famous Sanatcilar Street on the way where you will find many nice ceramic workshops, paintings, and art shops from local ceramic artists.

What you shouldn’t miss:

  • Kadikoyk harbor is also served by an old-fashioned tram.
  • Bahariye Street – always lively and crowded. On Bahariye Street you will find many beautiful cafes, pubs, bars, and restaurants, as well as quality shops and centers of cultural events. The Sureyya Opera House is the most eye-catching building on Bahariye Street.
  • Statue of a bull

The bull statue is one of the most popular symbols and meeting places of Kadikoy. The real name of the statue is “The Fighting Bull Statue” and it has a very interesting story. It was created by a French artist in Paris in the 1860s to symbolize the war that France had won against Germany. But in the 1870s, Germany won and the bull statue moved to Germany. In 1917, the German Emperor donated it to the community of Ittihat and Terakki, and the community donated it to Enver Paso. To the Ottoman general who became known as the hero of the Young Turkish Revolution.

The Greek Orthodox Church of Ayia Efimia, which is located in the Kadikoy market since 1694, is also an interesting place.

Akmar passage

Akmar Passage, once a favorite place for heavy metal fans to enjoy heavy metal music markets and CD and T-shirt shops, is now a passageway full of antique shops and new bookstores. A favorite place for students and book lovers.

There is a wide range of dining options for visitors. It can be said that the whole district is full of quality smaller restaurants and cafes, and the terraces are full of delicious food. The most visited restaurants, cafes, and tea gardens are located in the Kadikoy market area on Bahariye Street, along the coast and the nearby suburb of Moda. You can find here every kind of food and drink, Turkish and world cuisine according to your taste.

All this and much more awaits visitors who know how to appreciate the spirit of the place and like the lively oriental bustle.