Pierre Loti Hill is a hilly area next to the Eyup Sultan Mosque, from which many people like to enjoy the view of Istanbul and the Golden Horn.

If you want to look at Europe and Asia at the same time – this view is made just for you.

The name Pierre Loti comes from Julien Viaud (nicknamed Pierre Loti), a French writer who often came here and spent time on the mountain. From time to time there have been proposals to change the name of this hill. But the lovers of this place have always prevented this. There is a cafe on the hill where you can have a coffee and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Pierre Loti was born in 1850 in Rochefort, France, the youngest of six children in a Protestant family. At the age of 17, he joined the French Navy. After completing his naval education, he became a captain in 1881 and was promoted to the rank of colonel in the following years.

As a naval officer, he had the opportunity to get to know many foreign cultures. He later reflected on his experiences and observations from his travels in his books. As mentioned in his books, he loved Istanbul the most. This love allowed him to name the most beautiful hill in Istanbul.

History of Pierre Loti Hill

The hill is located in the Eyüp district overlooking the Golden Horn. After arriving in the center of Eyüp, you can take the cable car to Pierre Loti Hill, so you will enjoy not only the destination but also the journey itself.

One of the sights that await you while you sip delicious Turkish coffee and enjoy juicy baklava is the Rumeli Fortress. It was a very important weapon in the conquest of Istanbul. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan (Mehmet the Conqueror) wanted to protect the waters of the Bosphorus from enemy ships in this way.

Or you can explore the Eyup Sultan Mosque, where the sultans of the gigantic Ottoman Empire performed sword ceremonies (see the chapter on Eyup for more information).

There is a pleasant atmosphere all around and you will certainly spend a wonderful time here at any time of day and season!