Experience a unique cultural dance show that includes traditional dances, belly dances, and live music, and immerse yourself in the rich Turkish culture through folk music in the Rhythm of a Dance show. It is an unforgettable experience!

When visiting Istanbul, you will notice several tourist attractions where contemporary city life meets the exotic East.

Turkey is a melting pot of components from many civilizations, so you can experience a very diverse culture in Istanbul. And all this is reflected in the dance show Rhythm of The Dance. Ottoman dances, Zeybek dances, Roman gypsy dances, Balkan dances, and more are presented in the cultural show.

You will be amazed when you see how all these diverse genres on stage are in perfect harmony with each other. Despite its diversity, the dance show presents the same story. There is always a connection between one cultural performance and another. You will be captivated not only by the costumes and decorations but also by the storytelling. The dance is enhanced by animations on the walls that provide context and have sensual aspects. You will never forget the performance of the fire dance!

This cultural dance show takes place in the Hodjapasha Cultural Complex, a former steam bath from the 16th century that has been transformed into an art center. This work is authentic and unlike anything you have ever seen.

The dance show brilliantly showcases sensational Ottoman harem and attractive traditional and unusual belly dances. Enjoy rhythm, fire, and spectacular costumes while witnessing an extremely intense traditional dance show that combines modern choreography in the historic setting of a 550-year-old restored Ottoman bathhouse.

Dancers use different techniques to engage the audience as well, especially when it comes to belly dancing. First, you hear the song, then the drummer appears. And a dancer takes the stage. The dancer goes completely unnoticed by the crowd and gets closer and closer and the music starts to speed up. Finally, a fantastic dance show will start, which you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Dance, lighting, music, and the smell of theater all come together to create a spectacular dance show. It is difficult to describe in words how beautiful this dance is. The ineffable can only be expressed through dance. Let us feel its beauty to appreciate it!