Bosphorus, in Turkish magazine strait between the European and Asian parts of Turkey and between the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor. It connects the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. The Bosphorus is the narrowest strait between the continents. It has a total length of 32 kilometers and a depth of 33 to 105 meters, and the narrowest point is 660 meters wide.

If you are in Istanbul for the first time or for the thousandth time – definitely do not miss the wonderful experience of sailing on the Bosphorus.

Are you ready?

What awaits you…

You will embark on an epic journey between Europe and Asia in Istanbul’s beautiful Bosphorus Strait.

During the ride, you will see the wonders of both East and West as you navigate this beautiful waterway separating Europe and Asia.

You will have a stop on the Asian side and explore the Kanlica district, which is one of the most beautiful in Istanbul, the greenest spot on the Asian side, and you can also taste the “Kanlica Yogurt” here, which is reason enough for many people to visit this beautiful town.

You will see wooden Ottoman villas and elegant neighborhoods along the banks.

You will explore quaint and authentic neighborhoods and get to know the history of this wonderful city.

You will discover the sights and history of Istanbul from the comfort of a yacht sailing along the Bosphorus. Enjoy imperial elegance and a unique panoramic view of the beautifully lit Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

You’ll pass under the two Bosphorus suspension bridges that connect Europe and Asia, and enjoy picturesque sights on both continents, including Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Leander Tower, and Istanbul’s most luxurious areas, Ortakoy and Bebek.

The Bosphorus separating two continents has always been crucial to life in Istanbul. Once the main channel for the movement of fearsome armies, it now serves more peaceful functions.

Seeing this important trade route is almost a must for travelers!