Istanbul is a world city where people of many languages, religions, and ethnic backgrounds have come, settled, and left their mark, even lived for generations. Here are the Levantines with their Greek, Armenian, and Jewish communities in this pluralistic environment that makes Istanbul Istanbul – a multicultural, multicolored city rich in cultures from other parts of the world. In the 19th century, when the Ottoman Empire was in close relations with the West, an interesting lifestyle and environment developed in certain parts of the city, especially in certain areas such as Fener, Kumkapı, Balat, Galata, and Pera. Our trip will take us to the environment of the famous Beyoğlu district, once called Pera…

Places to visit:

  • large, busy Taksim Square
  • Church of Surp Hovhan Vosgeperan
  • Hagia Triada Church
  • minority schools
  • stories of Ragıp Pasha
  • Africa Han
  • Inn Rumeli
  • Yeşilçam cafe
  • interesting streets
  • Dingo’s stable
  • Emek passage
  • Galatasaray High School
  • Passage Çiçek
  • Üç Horan Armenian Church
  • Nevizade
  • Churches of St. Antoine and the Virgin Mary
  • Hotel Pera Palas
  • Grand Hotel de Londres
  • Botter’s apartment, consulates
  • Tünel Square
  • The famous Istiklal shopping street…

…and many more buildings and stories along the way.

Our tour is a historical-cultural tour with a walking guide.

Tour type: on foot

Meeting time: at 10 a.m

End of the tour: at 16:00


  • Guide licensed by the Ministry of Culture
  • Headphones with language mutations