On this trip, we will embark on a journey into the thousand-year history of the city. We will take part in an exciting historical exploration exploring the magnificent structures of empires, whether it is the Byzantine period or the Ottoman period of Istanbul. This trip is a visual feast rich in both architecture and history. In addition, our taste buds will be pampered by places like Fatih Sarmacisi, Vefa Bozacisi, and Siirt Büryan Kebab, where we will have the opportunity to walk around and taste the history in the streets of the city and delight our palates.

Places to visit:

  • Aya Kyriotissa Church (Kalenderhane Mosque)
  • Şehzadebaşı Mosque
  • Valens aqueducts
  • Markian column (girl’s stone)
  • Havariyyun Church (Fatih Mosque)
  • Fatih women’s market

Break for lunch, which is not included in the tour.

After the break, we take a look:

  • Pantepoptes Church (Old Imaret Mosque)
  • Pantokrator Zeyrek Church (Pantokrator Monastery)
  • Tomb of Mehmed Emin Tokadi Hz
  • Vefa Mosque (Aya Prokopius – Molla Gürani Mosque)
  • Vefa Bozacisi
  • Süleymaniye Mosque…

…many more builds and stories are on the way.


Some places written in the itinerary will not be visited but will be presented. it is possible that some monuments will be under reconstruction on the day of the tour.

A raincoat and comfortable shoes according to seasonal conditions are recommended. Since the shoes will be taken off several times during the day, choose shoes with this situation in mind. As the buildings you can see on this tour are places of worship, we ask that you dress appropriately. Our female participants must bring a scarf to cover their heads and covered shoulders.

Tour type: on foot

Meeting time: 9:30

End of the tour: at 17:00


  • Guide licensed by the Ministry of Culture
  • Headphones with language mutations
  • Drinks during the tour