Are you longing for new healthy teeth and a bright smile?

You don’t have to worry about dental procedures with us. Our specialists will offer you a suitable solution in the pleasant atmosphere of our clinics. Moreover, they will be receptive to your needs, questions, and concerns. In dentistry and orthodontics, we have top clinics that provide a complete dental care service. However, the most interesting for our clients are primarily financially and health-intensive interventions, which are significantly more affordable in Turkey.

We will ensure that you return from Turkey happy and smiling because, as they say – laughter cleans the teeth.

We will be your reliable partner in solving a dental problem and will take all the necessary steps for you. Depending on the type of procedure required, we will consult your dental situation with our experts and choose the most suitable solution. The advantage of working with us is that we will make the best choice of price and appropriateness of the procedure for you.

We will take care of your comfort in Slovakia and Turkey and arrange all the necessary details.

Upon agreement, it is also possible to carry out several interventions according to the client’s wishes and the number of days he can stay in Turkey.

If you are interested in a dental procedure, please write to us at and describe what is bothering you and what you want to change. Alternatively, send us a photo of your teeth, which we will pass on to our doctors to assess the difficulty of the procedure and the solution for you (front view – connected bite, front view – slightly loose teeth, upper jaw taken from below, lower jaw taken from above, bite from the side) and an X-ray image if we ask you for it according to the type of procedure. Subsequently, we will inform you about the price of the process and the total costs of the trip to Turkey.

The prices of dental procedures in Turkey are individual and depend on several factors. Still, in general, Turkey offers its dental treatment services at lower prices. Still, at a high level, in terms of the use of the most modern procedures, equipment, and dental materials, it is often worth traveling, as many people from the most developed countries of the world have been doing for many years for affordability and quality. We guarantee a discreet approach when communicating with each other.

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