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A beautiful, perfect smile often leads to a complex path, which may include an appliance for aligning the teeth (orthodontic appliance, veneers, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening). Tooth reconstruction is not only professional and technical work but is also close to art – it requires a sense of beauty, harmony, and morphology. When reconstructing teeth, the doctor also considers all aesthetic parameters – the shape of the tooth, its position and rotation, color, ridges, grooves, form, enamel transparency, protrusions, depressions on the surface, relief, etc.

It is essential to propose a treatment plan to the client that corresponds to the teeth’ requirements and health situation. Aesthetic reconstruction focuses on individual teeth and dentition – the entire smile comprehensively. The reconstruction of individual teeth is usually applied if the tooth is damaged in more than a third – it can be chipped, cracked, broken, discolored, underdeveloped, or incorrectly formed. These deficiencies are obvious when talking and smiling, especially on the front teeth.

In the past, metal alloys and metal were used for many years in the solution of dental prostheses. Compared to the light color of the teeth, these materials are very distinctive and visually distracting. Also, in connection with saliva, they often do not react neutrally. In the past, the aesthetics and tolerance of materials were not considered as much, which was also caused by the development and possibilities in this area at the time. Fortunately, over time, several modern technologies have been added to dentistry and, thus, a broader choice in solving problems and aesthetics of the teeth and their natural appearance.



Prosthetic replacements make it possible to solve problems associated with  a missing part of a tooth or teeth, improving their shape, color, inclination, and surface. In  the case of more extensive reconstruction, it is possible to adjust the height and  type of bite. Each patient has an individual situation regarding the teeth and  their ideas about  the aesthetics of a smile. Then, in  a joint dialogue with  a specialist, they arrive at  an ideal treatment plan.

Among the popular  solutions for dental aesthetics, apart from orthodontics, which is a more time-consuming method of correcting an incorrect bite, crooked teeth, or teeth that are too closely spaced, include:


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Each client is unique and has an individual situation in  the field of health or aesthetics (appearance).  For  this reason, after consulting about  his  problems and  needs, our specialists will propose the most suitable solution – the type of procedure or treatment and  the time schedule, in  case it is necessary to undergo the procedure or treatment more than once.

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