All-on-4 is a hybrid denture mounted on four implants. It can replace both the upper and lower arches. It is a permanent solution, so maintenance is also easier. A new smile can be treated like natural teeth.

All-on-Four costs less than a complete arch restoration with multiple individual implants. Thanks to the smaller number of implants, tooth restoration is more straightforward.

In general, this solution is recommended for those who are missing all the teeth on the arch or whose teeth are beyond repair.

The method is also suitable if the patient has experienced bone loss. With this method, a smaller amount of receding jawbone does not interfere with supporting the restoration. In fact, with this method, further bone reduction is required to make room for the prosthesis.

If the patient uses traditional dentures and it is not ideal, this method can be a significant step forward. Some mouths cannot get used to the bulkiness of conventional dentures.

In summary, the advantages of All-on-Four include high functionality and comfort, reduced costs, and no need for bone augmentation procedures. In addition, the All-on-4 method makes it possible to chew and bite even more demanding food.

The second aspect is appearance. If All on Four is designed and made correctly, it looks like a natural smile. It cannot fall out when talking, laughing, or sneezing. Only a dental professional can remove it for a thorough cleaning.

Patients with previously undergone dental implantation praise the effectiveness of the solution. Healing is much faster.

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