Composite onlays/inlays are prosthetic replacements that replace or supplement a more minor or more significant part of lost dental tissues. Similar to crowns, onlays/inlays are produced in a laboratory based on an impression, usually from highly filled composites or unique laboratory (light-curing) photo composites. The goal is to replace parts of the missing dental crown in the most gentle way possible with other dental tissues.

Advantages of composite Onlay/Inlay

Composite Onlay/Inlay fillings are an excellent alternative to classic crowns because grinding healthy dental tissue is unnecessary. In addition, they can be easily and quickly repaired directly in the oral cavity.

Benefits include:

  • there is no need to grind the entire tooth
  • minimal or no preparation of the tooth
  • are easy to repair
  • universal and stable treatment

An inlay is a dental filling that only fills a minor part of the tooth (one surface of the tooth). Working with Inlay is straightforward. As a rule, it is made outside the patient’s oral cavity.

An onlay is a dental filling that replaces a more significant part of the tooth. During onlay, work is done according to a model, preceded by taking impressions and creating a model of the patient’s teeth. Thanks to the mockup, it is possible to make fillings.

Course of treatment

Treatment requires two visits. At the first visit, the core (interior) of the tooth must first be filled with photo composite, then the preparation of the tooth will be performed. Subsequently, impressions are made based on which onlay/inlay fillings are made. The only/Inlay is placed in the desired location during the second visit. It is a quick aesthetic adjustment using high-quality materials. The treatment is painless.

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