Toothache is very unpleasant and can make a person’s everyday life uncomfortable. These are the most common causes of toothache:

Tooth decay

Bacteria in the oral cavity cause decay of tooth enamel. These bacteria mainly feed on simple sugars. They break them down into acids, which decalcify tooth enamel. Tooth decay manifests in tooth sensitivity, bad breath, toothache when biting, and severe toothache.

Sensitive teeth

With sensitive teeth, cold and warm drinks, sweet or sour foods cause toothache. However, having sharp teeth is not okay, and the reason for exposed and compromised dentin is due to receding gums or worn tooth enamel.

Growth of Figure eights

Eights are also known as wisdom teeth because they are mature as they grow. These teeth – molars – are located at the end of the jaw arches and currently have no further use. Due to the shrinking jaw with human development, they do not have enough room for growth, and some do not even cut through the gum. The teeth are often extracted to avoid the complications and pain of these teeth. Sometimes we feel pain when they grow, other times, we don’t know about them. The teeth at the back are also poorly cleaned, so these teeth have health problems.

Tooth inflammation

Untreated tooth decay can develop into unbearable tooth pain over time. It is because bacteria penetrate from the surface of the tooth into its core and cause inflammation of the dental pulp. If this problem is not solved and the patient uses only drugs to suppress toothache, the tooth will eventually die. The dead tooth no longer hurts, but the bacteria remain in the root system and cause further inflammation around the tooth’s root.

Anti-inflammatory drugs for the teeth will help temporarily, but a visit to the dentist should not be postponed. A reliable way to remove such a deposit is to open and clean the dental canals or pull out the tooth.

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